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Commercial features -

Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., have been determined and committed to product and serve the quality of milk and milk products to their customers. The dudh sangh have been commercialised the following business activities :-

i) Milk Procurement – It is growing at a rate of 15 – 25 % per annum. In year 2009-10 the total milk procured is 200000 litters.

ii) Marketing - The milk is marketed under the brand “Krushna”. The milk is marketed in far area of Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli and Kokan region of Maharashtra state. through efficient distribution and marketing network.

The total produce of the dudh sangh has 80% milk sold in pouches and 20% sold as indigenous by –products like Butter, ghee, curd, yougert, lassi, basundi, paneer, shrikhand, butter milk , pedha and flavoured milk.

The total sales performance by dairy products in year 2009-10 is of Shrikhand 173.55 MT Amrakhand 42.12 and Ghee 403 MT curd 199, lassi 102 Butter milk 34.5 Flavour milk 76.46,panner 66.71 Basundi 14.37 Mt sale.

iii) Cattle Feed – The Cattle feed is produced and marked to member societies as well as in open market under the supervision of state milk federation body, Mumbai. In the year 2009-10 the total cattle feed of 18426.860 MT in 60 Kg.bags each produced and marketed of total 330716 bags. 8 Welfare measures

Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., to empower the milk producers and bears three main objectives – Economical milk production at farm level Vibrant management of primary dairy co-operative society. Utilisation of ideal manpower and resources for rural development. To gain the aim of these objectives a planned curriculum has been worked out which comprises of planned activities like educating, training and demonstration sessions to the rural milk producers , farmers and staff members. All these activities are coupled with input services like balance cattle feed, providing cattle ration, mineral mixture, molasses blocks, de-worming of cattle, vaccination, veterinary treatment and medical aid, breeding programme through Artificial Insemination. Induction of hi yielding animals providing fodder seeds chaff cutters which subsequently are supplied to the farmers and their need are subsided rate. 9 Innovative features

Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., has been awarded an ISO 9001, HACCP certification by DNV, Netherlands and unique management systems in place which is RVA certified in Feb. 2004. The plant has milk handling capacity of 1, 75,000 liters per day, of which 80% is sold as liquid milk and remaining goes in by-products manufacturing. The dudh sangh received the prize against the best performance in productivity achivement from National Productivity Council, New Delhi for the year 2005-06 in May 2007 by Ministry of Agricultural and co-operation department. The total dudh sahakari sangh has been completely computerised with ERP solutions. 10 Self regulation

Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., (walwa taluka) registered on 30/12/1975 under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act. 1960. It is a taluka milk union operating in walwa taluka of sangli district covering 104 villages. Since then the AGM is a final regulatory body fully responsible to change in their Bye laws. The BODs are monitoring society day today work as well as chairman / Managing Director. 11 Other relevant Parameters

Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., covered others relevant parameters related to assist primary milk co-operative societies as follows :-

Veterinary services includes 10 mobile clinics for 24 hrs. and 365 days. 22 Artificial Insemination mobile routes. Vaccination and de-worming programmes of the cattle feeds Fodder seed development Programme. Implementation of Rajarambapu Gram Abhiyan for education and training of milk producer level. Women Development and Co-operative Leadership Programme. Implementation of Clean Milk Production Programme. Foundation of Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) 12 Critical analysis of the determinants of success Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., is ensure to meet their commitment to the customers for it success by Procure excellent quality of milk. Processing by using and advanced technology An importance of documented ISO 9001: 2000 and Food Safety System (HACCP) To pay best prices and excellent input services to their milk producers. 13 Based on the above, brief design of a sustainable model for replication The milk from outside states has been charged market cess or entry tax so the selling price of both the milk should be maintained in the open market.

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Rajarambapu have Successful Co-operative Model which provides various types of services like supply good quality cattlefeed & veterinary services for animal health care.

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