राजारामबापू पाटील सह .दुध संघ मर्या .इस्लामपूर आपले सहर्ष स्वागत करत आहे राजारामबापू पाटील सह .दुध संघास "डेअरी एक्सल्न्स अवॉर्ड" NNDB आनंद यांचे कडुन मिळाला. आमची दर्जेदार उत्पादने कृष्णा दुध ,कृष्णा दही ,कृष्णा लस्सी ,कृष्णा बासुंदी ,कृष्णा पेढे ,कृष्णा ताक ,कृष्णा बटर ,कृष्णा तुप ,कृष्णा श्रीखंड ,कृष्णा आम्रखंड ,कृष्णा कुल्फी ,कृष्णा गुलाबजामुन .”चव अस्सलतेची अवघ्या महाराष्टाची”

Krushna Milk Good Choice Of Healthy Familly

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Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., was a far sighted dream of Shree Rajarambapu Patil which turned in to reality in the year 1975. It was specifically designed to have 100% involvement of the farmers, generate best remuneration for their milk supply, boost milk production and give the region the most wanted economic development. Till 1985 it turtled at a slow pace, but gathered dynamic momentum there after. When in 1993 open market system came into effect there by starting operations in the cities like Mumbai,

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We provides quality feed & Veterinary Services for Animal health care.

Krishna Cattlefeed….. Give The Best to get the best

Economical production of milk, depends largely upon three factor breed of animals, feeding and management. However milk productivity depends upon the adequate inputs in term of proper feed and care of animals. Scientific and judicious combinations of various feed ingredients have a greater significance in producing balanced ration for meeting the nutritional requirements for maintenance, growth and enhanced milk production. These requirements are fully met by “Krishna Cattlefeed” which is a Dairy Pellet, Bypass Protein Pellet, Growmore Pellet,Calf Pellet & Minral mixture supplied to milk producers at reasonable price.

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Krushna Milk & Milk Products quality & fresh

The registered Primary Co-op. societies supply regular milk to dudh sangh has been enrolled membership in the region of its area of operation. Member society is a main unit who place an important role in dudh sangh?s activities and development. These members are also involved in dudh snagh?s Board Of Directors representatives. They carries definite plan for economical development and amount primary milk co-operative societies as well as milk producers.

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Our Inspiration

Hon.Jayatrao Patil

Water & Resource Minister Maharashtra

Jayant patil needs no introduction to the Indian industry and finance communities. He has emerge as a promising young statesman in the state of Maharashtra his progressive mindset deeply rooted in Indian those is a marvelous blend of rural and urban cultures.

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Rajarambapu have Successful Co-operative Model which provides various types of services like supply good quality cattlefeed & veterinary services for animal health care.

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