Our Inspration Hon.Jayantrao Patil Water & Resource Minister Maharashtra

Jayant patil needs no introduction to the Indian industry and finance communities. He has emerge as a promising young statesman in the state of Maharashtra his progressive mindset deeply rooted in Indian those is a marvelous blend of rural and urban cultures. Shri Jayant patil was born in 1962 He was brought up and educated in Mumbai.

After receiving school education from the well-known Balmohan Vidya Mandir, Dadar he became a graduate civil engineer from VJTI, Mumbai. Though he had a background of being son of Shri Rajaram Anant alias Rajarambapu Patil, leading statesman and social reformer in Maharashtra, he was never projected as a political heir of Shri Rajarambapu Patil. It was rather an accident that he plunged in to public life after his father passed away untimely in 1984.

Shri Jayant Patil entered politics with entirely different objectives since he was an earnestly requested to look after the community and various organizations his father initiated. He took it as a commitment rather than an ‘opportunity’. His all plans and program have always been overbooked by this view. In the first decade his entry, he was successful in uniting all the political functions in his constituency. The second responsibility of technical and meagerly up gradation of many of the existing co-operative organizations was also successfully redeemed he entered the state assembly in 1991 and then first focused his attention on challenges before sugar Industry his methodical and studies approach was soon appreciated by wizards like Shri Sharad Pawar and he was shoulders various responsibilities in Maharashtra state sugar syndicate.

The state was facing acute problem of financial crunch then. In 1999, he had an opportunity to take over as Minister, Finance and Planning, Maharashtra where he again prove innovativeness and originality in idea when approaching various problem. The political courage he had shown in presenting on the financial status of the state was marked of his genuine involvement in the problems. In his reign of seven years as a minister of finance and planning he has proved to be one of the illustrious finance minister of states in India with an integrated approach and strong political will in dealing with hard financial realities.

Shri Jayant Patil has various dream projects at various levels. He is striving hard to take his home constituency and tehshil to an ideal ‘Lok-rajya’ where people shall be proud of there past but looking forward to an prosperous future. Shri Jayant Patil has wide interests from touring to listening to music. He is sensitive to the issues of Indian History and loves reading Biographies of the great historic heroes of the world.

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